Powering communities across the world

Community is the cornerstone of the human experience. There is nothing else that every person identifies with gladly.

Each person is part of not just one community, but of several – each with its own unique features, benefits, drawbacks, and goals. One such community with which thousands of people align is the AWS Community.

The AWS Community Day is a series of regionally organized events that are organized by the local AWS Community leaders. It allows people in a region to come together and connect with each other without the hustle and bustle of re:Invent and AWS Summit. This is a full day event with plenty of food and time between breakout sessions to walk around and network, or sit down around a table and discuss the finer points of serverless to your hearts content.

To power communities around the world, we first start in the Bay Area. We help organize the AWS Community Day, Bay Area.


Hackathons for good

Some people say, “if you have to give back to society, you took too much.” The truth is, you cannot give until you have.

So how do we give back? We do that by organizing hackathons for good, and helping to reduce the barriers to free education around the world.

We organized a hackathon for good in an underprivileged city in India. We support Khan Academy who have made it their mission to educate the entire world. These are just two examples of how we are giving back to society.


You don’t even have to fill out a form. Call John at 650 430 0322.