Powering communities across the world

Community is the cornerstone of the human experience. There is nothing else that every person identifies with gladly.Each person is part of not just one community, but of several – each with its own unique features, benefits, drawbacks, and goals.Our goal is to power prosperity around the world - one community at a time. We hope to inspire other communities to follow suit and help their neighbors to prosper.We expect to achieve this ambitious goal using diverse activities - which though seemingly incongruous, all target tipping points to drive innovation in individuals. Because it is innovation, diversity, and education, that will converge into world wide prosperity.To power communities around the world, we first start in the Bay Area. Check out our activities.


Innovation. Diversity. Education.

We are always organizing events around communities like the hackathons for good, AWS Community Days, Cloud Security Community Days. We also support organizations like the Khan Academy to help reduce the barriers to free education around the world.

AWS Community Days

In 2017, we started the first AWS Community Day in San Francisco. It has now evolved into a worldwide phenomenon bringing critical education to the masses. Here is a typical agenda for such a conference from 2022.

The AWS Community Day is a series of regionally organized events that are organized by the local AWS Community leaders. It allows people in a region to come together and connect with each other without the hustle and bustle of re:Invent and AWS Summit. This is a full day event with plenty of food and time between breakout sessions to walk around and network, or sit down around a table and discuss the finer points of serverless to your hearts content.

Hackathons and Education

We organized a hackathon for good in an underprivileged city in India. From that humble beginning, the movement has grown into multi-year locally organized hackathons that focus on college students, meetups, and day long conferences in remote regions.We financially support Khan Academy, who have made it their mission to educate the entire world.

Cloud Security Community Days

Security in the Cloud is of paramount importance to every person on earth. In this day and age where all our information and data is in the cloud, governments and companies have to make sure our data and assets are secure and protected. This can be facilitated with education.Starting in 2022, we will organize Cloud Security Community Days in the Bay Area and will inspire other communities to follow suit.

Space race

One of the best things about education is that you learn new things. Sometimes you learn things that very few others know. Knowledge gained from involving oneself in cutting edge research, can help and has helped mankind solve problems that we had no better way of solving quickly.In order to inspire new technologies, we will try to involve ourselves in the space race. Two of the diverse goals we are targeting are cleaning up space debris in low earth orbit using ground based pulsating lasers, and launching a short-hop airline using small airplanes.


Communities come together everyday via meetups. A meetup is a great way to inspire people to network, learn, share, collaborate, and grow. The intangible benefits are tremendous to everyone who attends and for those organizations that sponsor them.We organize several meetups focused on community led education and training - the AWS Bay Area Meetup, the San Francisco DevOps Meetup, and the Silicon Valley - New and Shiny meetup. We also collaborate with other local meetup groups.


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